$168.900 Tenis Court Expansion!

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$168.900 Tenis Court Expansion!

Postby alanbradley » Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:47 pm

Dear Anthem Ranch Neighbor,

Are you aware that your Board has approved spending $90,900 of your money for the addition of one additional tennis court?

Here are a few of the details (as I understand them).
Two bids were received. The “cheapest” bid was some $168,900. Your Board approved $90,900, in-that the Tennis & Pickleball Clubs have received some $78,000 in pledges from members and “outside sponsors” to contribute toward the project. I agree that’s a very commendable gesture, but it still leaves you and I spending $90,900 to support their habit.

The primary reason for an additional court is that the Tennis Club, in order to hold United States Tennis Associations (USTA) “sanctioned tournaments”, on OUR property, requires a minimum of 3 courts with no stripping other than in accordance with USTA Official Rules & Guidelines.
Due to the growth in popularity Pickleball, two of the four existing tennis courts have had additional stripping added to allow for the playing of Pickleball. Therefore those courts do not meet the requirement for “USTA Sanctioned” Tournaments. (They even have a 230 page rule book posted on our association’s website.)

These two clubs have been very vocal (squeaky wheel) in their desires for you and I to support their recreation habits. In fact at least two of the Board Members (President & Treasurer) are promoting Tennis & Pickleball Club members, so it can be assumed that the others “go along to get along”. At the most recent Board Meeting the court addition was on the agenda. When I, during the discussion phase, gave an “opposing point of view” the Board President lost his composure and became visibly angered when responding.

It is apparent that he and the Board are not interested in any opposing point of view. Furthermore, they will apparently do everything within their power to silence any opposing view.
I can support this fact in the following. I had recently applied for and had being selected by a panel from the Aspen Lodge Common Areas Committee (ALCAC) to serve on that committee. Within days of sounding my “opposing point of view” I was informed by the Co-chair of the ALCAC that he had been summoned to a special meeting with the Board. He was informed that they would not support the committee’s nomination of me. They informed him that the options were;
1.) I withdraw my application,
2.) The committee withdraw their recommendation, or
3.) The Board would not approve the committee’s recommendation.
I refused to withdraw my application. The Committee’s gutless decision was to withdraw my nomination.

I am considering circulating a petition to submit to the Board of those opposed to the expenditure of some $90,900 for the benefit of a Special Interest Group of 84 Tennis Club members (according to the Tennis Club Roster dated 03/19/2018).

If you would like to help by signing the petition or even join me in the campaign please respond, contact me at abrad55@aol.com or call me at 248-225-8229. If I don’t answer please leave a message. Let’s see which “Squeaky Wheel” is louder.
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