Notes from 3/17/2011 Window Well Meeting

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Do you have issues with your metal window wells?

I have concrete wells.
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Notes from 3/17/2011 Window Well Meeting

Postby Dave » Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:23 pm

These are some notes that I took during the 3/11/2011 Developer Coffee Update around the window well issues.

Go to to see the other information presented at the meeting.

Feel free to add your own comments.

200 homes have the metal window wells in the Ranch
69 home owners have notified Pulte of problems (rusting / corrosion)
3 vendors supplied the wells
Linford (out of business)
Bowman (small percent of houses use Bowman)

Monarch is NOT responding to any complaints
Bowman Kemp IS responding to the complaints. Unfortunately, their wells are in the minority.

In the Spring of 2007 Pulte started using concrete wells. This was because of a contractor change. It was not because of any known issues with the metal wells.

Pulte says per the warranty, wells are covered for 1 year.
The warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
However, if the malfunction was due to incorrect installation then Pulte will deal with it. They have not determined if this is the case.

In addition, it is virtually impossible to determine who made the well since they look almost identical.

The warranty states if the manufacturer is not responsive then Pulte will assist the owner in getting the repairs or replacement from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, they said 90% of the wells are either Monarch or Linford.

Pulte told the Denver folks to hire a forensic engineer to evaluate the problem. They did that and the evaluation was complete in August of 2010.

Pulte wanted a 2nd opinion. So that was done and that report was complete in February of 2011.

Conclusions of the two reports were fairly consistent (with some inconsistencies).

In 2005 the code was changed on how a house is grounded. Before 2005 the grounding was tied to a copper stake in the ground.

Starting in 2005, the grounding is done via the rebar in the foundation.

Apparently, with the soil in Colorado and with the potential electrical current can cause corrosion. However, not all wells are seeing the problem and the engineers cannot explain that.

Pulte is investigating how to repair the problem and they will notify the affected owners once a solution has been identified.

Pulte made it very clear that putting in a concrete well is NOT going to happen. It is consider a betterment. It is very expensive.

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