Fact Regarding 10 Warranty

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Fact Regarding 10 Warranty

Postby tjfouchey » Tue May 07, 2013 12:20 pm

Many of you may already be aware of the below issue but if not you may find it of some interest.

I have been made painfully aware in the last few weeks that the 10 year structural warranty that Pulte sold us when we purchased our homes is in reality a 6 year warranty with extremely limited coverage for years 6 through 10. Apparently the state of Colorado has some very specific requirements for structural warranties for the first 6 years of home ownership which Pulte is bound by but does not require any homeowner protection after that. My experience was that Pulte's warranty seemed OK for those first 6 years but for all practical purposes doesn't exist after that.

Open your "Home Protection Plan", booklet to page 6 the last paragraph. The last sentence states, "A Structural Element will not be deemed defective, and no action will be required of the Builder, unless there is actual physical damage that diminishes the ability of the Structural Element to perform its load-bearing function such that the home is unsafe".

Unsafe is the key word here. If you are like me and many of my neighbors you thought you had a ten year warranty. Our sales agents sold us on a ten year warranty, you may have even read the booklet but the unsafe word allows Pulte to provide no warranty support after 6 years except in extreme circumstances. So if expansive soil is causing walls to crack or pipes to move in your foundation and you purchased your home more the 6 years ago and you can't prove it is unsafe you are on your own for repair cost.

We are just into the 7th year in our home and are having a number of foundation issues caused by water and expansive soils. I had a very short, very informal discussion with an attorney who specializes in construction/real estate law and he doesn't feels there anything we can do.

Bottom line if you are approaching 6 years and are having any problems get them reported so there is an opportunity to have them covered by your warranty.

Ty Fouchey
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