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Please post future photos in the "In Process of Having a Home Built " area. This area of the forum will no longer accept posts.

Don't live in the area but would like photos posted? No problem. Send an email to and he will take photos and post them.

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Feel free to post any photos of your home here.

If you do not live around Anthem and want photos of your home then please send an email to

I only post a subset of the photos that I have. Contact me if you want all the photos.

Please read this

Postby Administrator » Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:47 pm

This forum is run by an Anthem owner FOR Anthem owners. Pulte / Del Webb have no affiliation with this web site.

Most of the forum is readable by everyone. However, there are aspects (e.g., Home Improvement area) which are only readable if you have an account. In order to view these areas you must register ( and login.

You do NOT need to be an owner to be a member of the forum. The only thing you need to register is a valid email address. We don't require a google or yahoo or any other type of email account.

I am currently in the process of getting the system created. Expect lots of changes in the near future. Feel free to register but the forums might be unavailable at times when I am installing or testing new features.

The purpose is to allow us to easily communicate to each other and to allow individual sub-forums to exist so that those with the same interests can find each other and communicate.

The forums have many features. Not only can a member post their own topics and reply to topics others have posted, they can also elect to be notified (via email) whenever a reply is posted to a topic that they are interested in. In addition, you can elect to be notified whenever new topic is posted in a forum of interest. You can easily turn these notifications on and off. Just look for the "Notify me when a reply is posted" checkbox. If you want to be notified when a new topic is posted simply check the "Subscribe to forum" check box (located towards the bottom of the page which shows all the topics).

The ability to subscribe to topics and forums is very useful. I run several other forums and this subscription feature is used by most of the members.

I would encourage all owners to subscribe to the "Prospective New Owners" forum so you can answer questions from people who are thinking about moving here. Just think of all the questions YOU had when you were considering moving here and how nice it would have been to get answers from actual owners.

If you have any questions about this forum then please send an email to
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